What’s the life that you really want!? I’m learning that the life you want is not the life spent worrying, wondering, anxiously trying to figure out what works.

The life I want, the life I want for my wife, the life I want for my family, is a life where what I have been gifted to do while here on earth provides plenty for them and for others in the world … that I fulfill the life mission that the Lord has given me.

What are we really waiting for!? If it is permission, I know I got that a LONG time ago. I just spent more time pretending like I didn’t hear it, desiring to hear that I got the permission to write and create again, but in a much louder volume.

So, why do we wait!? My guess, and my wife’s guess too, is “perfection.”

It would seem that humanity is often gripped with the desire to post and promote the “perfect” product, the “perfect” idea, the “perfect” concept, and we fall for it.

Social Media helps promote this idea too. Everything we look at it looks so shiny, new, real, accurate, clean, pristine and perfect. But I’m finding out like so many others that the stuff we see is often a result of hours, days, weeks and months of preparation. Some of it isn’t as fake as much as it is creatively dated, aged to perfection so to speak.

So, what of the imperfect writer?

The imperfect writer writes whether he or she feels like it or not.

The imperfect writer writes in private when they feel the need too and posts online whenever they feel the need too.

The imperfect writer writes content that is genuine and as close to what they desire to put to paper or to screen as possible.

The imperfect writer writes knowing that this first copy is not the final copy. So, they are not afraid of edits and more edits.

The imperfect writer understands the first day blogging will not make them an overnight celebrity. In fact, they are not looking for that kind of attention in the first place.

The imperfect writer sticks to it, knowing that the blessing comes from just being able to exercise such a unique, awesome gift. And, in turn, they’ll be a blessing to others.

Writer, Cartoonist, Minister, Journalist

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