Seeking God In The Quiet

Recently, I’ve been waking up at about 6:30 a.m. to make a cup of coffee and sit and read my Bible devotional for the day in the living room.

The room is quiet, dark and the only thing shining in the vicinity is the light above the kitchen sink and that light’s shine through the kitchen and towards the living area. The light on my smartphone with the devotional is the only other thing lighting up the room.

The TV is off. My social media is purposely turned off. Everyone is asleep but me.

I know I need these moments of quiet, alone time. But, sometimes I find myself escaping from that.

I need something to keep me busy. Something that says “I’m productive.” But, the quiet time, I avoid to my peril, knowing fully well that I have got to have this time.

While typically I write and draw in the mornings, I’ve lately taken a little break from my creative endeavors just to spend time with God.

My devotionals as of late have been on the topic of “Insecurity.”

The things I’ve been hearing God tell me have been incredible:

“You can still write those stories … tell them about Jesus … you can’t hate yourself and love well … you’re different and that’s good …”

This as I’m not hearing a bunch of noise. While I normally start the day off with local and national news or a traffic and weather report, I’ve been very intentional about how I start my mornings and it has made a big difference.

God is still saying so much more to me, both from His Word and also through a lot of prayer.

My hope and desire is to share plenty of what I learn from my quiet time with God.

Writer, Cartoonist, Minister, Journalist

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