Drawing and journaling has been on my heart a lot more often these days. It is one of many ways I communicate some of my ideas, thoughts, dreams, interests, and angst.

The changes in the weather makes things even more creatively stimulating for me; particularly, the Fall and Winter. The cooler weather, the access to hot cocoa and coffee and my slowly growing assortment of hoodies, makes the colder seasons relaxing and gives me an extra boost to write.

Of course, finding the time to do it is a fight in of itself.

My job keeps me pretty busy during the day, so early mornings or evenings after work mean a lot to me. And then there’s the highly enjoyable weekends.

Early in the morning, about an hour and a half before preparing for work, I take the time to read my daily Bible devotionals. I take time to pray. I take time to reflect on the day.

Sometimes, I use the early mornings to write and draw. But lately, I’ve been utilizing my evenings for that, as a kind of creative debriefing for my mind.

Kendall Lyons © 2019

The activity of drawing has been almost captivating, I can’t really get enough of it. My drawing has lately become a place where I have been getting a lot of permission to really, truly be myself. I’ve always found art to be therapeutic. Over the years, my art has been useful in redeeming and restoring my perspective of childhood, all while learning to be fun-loving and relaxed. Interestingly enough, my art has also opened up the opportunity to express my beliefs and my faith and be bold enough to speak against injustice.

Then, there’s journaling, the place I started in my creative expression. I’ve been journaling since I was 13. My mother bought me my very first journal, a journal that I’ve long since destroyed because I was afraid that the contents would be leaked. But, I returned to journaling during my mid to late 20’s, a time that I felt a pull to express my inner thoughts and work through matters of the heart.

Returning to the art of journaling helped change my life, relieving me of thoughts and ideas that were toxic, self-depreciating and destructive. At the same time, journaling opened my heart back up to keep creating, writing stories and drawing.

I’ve found that the more I practice my journaling and drawing, the better I get at it and the better I feel afterwards.

There’s something about creating even if it isn’t polished and perfect, to contribute something creative for others to be uplifted, encouraged, challenged, and loved.

I can’t afford to miss out on the activity of drawing and journaling. There’s entirely too much story to tell for me to stop creating.

Writer, Cartoonist, Minister, Journalist

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