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My wife, Rachel, and I have been having more conversations lately about our callings in life.

She’s a writer. I’m a writer.

I’m also a cartoonist. And a minister.

But, with the calling comes this weighted amount of responsibility.

And, sometimes, I don’t feel like doing the thing that I’m called to do. And, chances are, you don’t either. You feel tired, lazy, distracted, busy, and the list goes on and on.

You’ve become so tired and so out of it that the feeling of guilt stirs into this mutated mess called anxiety. You feel guilty because people within your…

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Recently, I’ve been waking up at about 6:30 a.m. to make a cup of coffee and sit and read my Bible devotional for the day in the living room.

The room is quiet, dark and the only thing shining in the vicinity is the light above the kitchen sink and that light’s shine through the kitchen and towards the living area. The light on my smartphone with the devotional is the only other thing lighting up the room.

The TV is off. My social media is purposely turned off. Everyone is asleep but me.

I know I need these moments…

Drawing and journaling has been on my heart a lot more often these days. It is one of many ways I communicate some of my ideas, thoughts, dreams, interests, and angst.

The changes in the weather makes things even more creatively stimulating for me; particularly, the Fall and Winter. The cooler weather, the access to hot cocoa and coffee and my slowly growing assortment of hoodies, makes the colder seasons relaxing and gives me an extra boost to write.

Of course, finding the time to do it is a fight in of itself.

My job keeps me pretty busy during…

Identity, Self-Hatred and Facing Your Fears

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About a month ago, I attended a presentation a couple of weeks ago at a Baptist church on the history of African Egyptians and the influence of Africans in History, Religion, and Science.

I learned a lot from the presentation. The room was growing more and more electric, as though confidence was being passed around like free gift.

“This is the history they don’t want you to know,” our presenter said, paraphrased. “If you don’t know your history, you won’t know who you are.”

Rising up out of me was an all too familiar mixture of emotions that I’ve grown…

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A couple of days ago, I had a chance to catch an episode of “The Amazing World of Gumball” on Cartoon Network.

The episode featured a character whose odd speech managed to confuse the main characters of the series, Gumball and Darwin.

The character, Peter Pepperoni, spoke in such a way that it seemed like he was talking backwards. I listened as closely as I possibly could. I even played the scenes of dialogue Peter had just to see if I can catch a pattern. …

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If you’re like me, you’re in your thirties, and you thought for a very, very long time that life was supposed to be a certain way.

You thought that if you obeyed your parents, treated authority with respect, worked really hard, graduated from college and proceeded to do the best that you can, that life would hand you its just rewards for just work.

Now, you are in your mid-thirties. And it probably didn’t take till your thirties. You might have noticed that the rules were different as you got into your twenties.

You find out that your perspective was…

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Opinions are like traffic accidents. When one occurs, it slows down a population of people who are trying to go forward because the other group is too busy looking back to witness the fiery carnage.

We want to know who is hurt and who is not. We want to know whose fault it is. We can be quite nosey, you know. And yet, without any details or truth, we’ll immediately say to ourselves, “Oh, it was that guy’s fault! He was in the wrong!”

While I do not think that opinions are inherently bad, I do think that we are…

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What’s the life that you really want!? I’m learning that the life you want is not the life spent worrying, wondering, anxiously trying to figure out what works.

The life I want, the life I want for my wife, the life I want for my family, is a life where what I have been gifted to do while here on earth provides plenty for them and for others in the world … that I fulfill the life mission that the Lord has given me.

What are we really waiting for!? If it is permission, I know I got that a…

Kendall Lyons

Writer, Cartoonist, Minister, Journalist

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